User Generated Content: Springboard to the unlimited or limited creativity?


In the last blog, I mentioned how UGC help Vietnamese marketers to successfully reach their target customers and make them potential storytellers. In this blog, once again, I’m excitingly to talk about how this range of communication technologies has an impact on Vietnamese youth and their creativities. As a young netizen, I feel interesting yet bewildered while exposing to a mountain of different UGC creative practices created by local young people every day.



Every day I expose to people creative practices

Every day I expose to people creative practices


Vietnam has the quickest growth rate of Internet users in the region with 40% of Vietnamese’s online population in between the ages of 15 and 24 (Do2013). Internet helps Vietnamese young people to live more socialize , dynamically and confidentially since they can cultivate knowledge and expand relationships with just one simple click. Unlike traditional Vietnamese young generation, Vietnamese young people today are no longer timid and passively watching other’s creative works on TV, magazine etc. Thanks to the innovative applications, young people now can actively do something seemingly impossible like creating their own production such as drawing, movie, game , blog , vlog or even create software programs which all have high applicability in today society.  




Thus, UGC gives young people more opportunities to develop their talents, assert contributions and even generate additional income (EFF2013).  Specifically, Nguyen Dong Ha – a young game creator has created a called Flappy Bird which has been the No.1 free game in IOS and Google Play appstores for the past few months. It’s a simple game in terms of graphics, but it is competitive and challenging which make the game players feel extremely addicting and keep sharing their playing experiences (Gamesbeat2014). Despite the issues which caused the removal of Flappy Bird, this hot viral gaming had been popular globally and brought $50.000 advertising revenue to the game creator per day. This is indeed a great example to inspire Vietnamese young people to embrace technology and get creative (Ellis2014). 


Obviously, UGC allow users to collaborate in a way that helps them be creative at their will and pleasure and connect with the world. However, young people who operate in the digital field mostly have lack of knowledge about the rights, restrictions and the copy law (Palfrey, Gasser, Simun, and Barnes 2009). For instance, Son Tung Mtp – a young Vietnamese underground singer had engaged in an unlawful behavior such as illegal plagiarized beat, copied style and music video content from famous Korean singers. He was successfully produced his own music productions, gained huge media coverage and a large number of fans. Unfortunately, the truth was debunked and those projects which not his original works were stripped of music awards under the decision of the Ministry of Culture. This is such an expensive lesson for educating Son Tung Mtp and young people to be aware of copy right law, “in terms of their ability to contribute to cultural knowledge with creative practices and to engage with the law that governs society” (Palfrey, Gasser, Simun, and Barnes 2009).





To be concluded, Internet offers UGC to be used with wide range of purposes. For young people who are full of zeal to conquer worldwide audience with their impressive creative practices should equip themselves with adequate knowledge about copyright law and show respect to other’s content. UCG can be a springboard for you to jump in a sea of unlimited creativity or just push you down to a hole of limited creativity which highly affected by someone else. Stay different, stay creative!   




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