User Generated Content: Making Vietnamese Customers Potential Storytellers


It was a raining afternoon when I engrossed in checking my Facebook’s New Feeds as a usual way to relax and to see if anything interesting happened so far. Surprisingly, those breaking news and current events that I was looking forward to reading, were sunk by a rainstorm of statuses, articles, photos and videos sharing people stories and experiences about some brands and products. This awkward moment reminds me of what Danny (2013) mentioned in his article, ‘User Generated Content (UGC) today is a big thing for brands to embrace.’


According to IAP’s Platform Status Report in 2008, UGC also known as consumer-generated media (CGM), refers to any material produced and uploaded online by non-media Internet professionals, it can be an article posted on, a high-quality video uploaded on YouTube or simply a tweet on Tweeter. Over time, UCG has been transferred from the traditional forms to the dominant forms of global media due to the significant development of high-speed Internet access and search technology (IAP 2008). UCG is basically changing the way audiences interact with the Internet and building a compelling bridge for advertisers to approach and reach those audiences.


Every brand would love to see users create content for them at their will and pleasure (Joel 2014). In Vietnam, UGC has also been a part of local online promotion efforts which get audiences to promote the products to their peers in a nature way that will not raise eyebrows. In 2013, Bye Bye Label campaign was created by Kotex to encourage teenager girls to throw out the labels forever and increase their self-esteem by participating in a song cover and video making contest. All of the contestants were actively delivery the brand message through their engagement and sharing from YouTube, Facebook, social media and events. As a result, the campaign has successfully reached 20 million views YouTube videos, millions of positive awareness and comments 20 thousands of online and offline participations (Echo2013).


Besides helping the brand to spread key messages, UGC also gives people around the world a voice which is heard by businesses and gives them opportunities to improve their products or services (LSJ 2014). Specifically, OPPO Vietnam will officially launch their new Find 7a smartphone so they created a Prediction Forum Contest. Participations are required to guess the price and share their expectations and feelings about the new product launch of OPPO on Facebook.  Through this activity, consumers actually give OPPO a hand not only to raise awareness of the upcoming product but also give suggestions for the brand to understand their target audiences and improve the product perfectly before it get launched.


We all can obviously see that many businesses had successfully applied UGC with plans to attract new customers, maintain loyalty and increase their online presence. Contests that encourage customers to share photos and create videos have been training customers to potential storytellers (Jayson 2014). UGC can of course be powerful and bring huge of benefits to Advertising landscape.


Vietnam Social networking penetration and proflie

Vietnam is a fertile ground for targeting customer online with the great number of Internet users and the high density of information sharing. If you are planning to integrate some UCG into your future advertising strategy, let’s give it a go and have your own potential storytellers.


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3 thoughts on “User Generated Content: Making Vietnamese Customers Potential Storytellers

  1. Overall, the post is practical and well researched. It’s smooth and I caught my self read every word till the end. The images are aligned with the content. Plus, the examples really help me get the topic.
    After reading your blog, i’m curious so how the business should do to attract their target audience online. You could provide some tips like how to display a website to attract people ( I hope this link can help you and how to motivate them to post or like/share the business’s post?
    Best luck for your next blogs ^_^

  2. The idea of user-generated content has been a widespread concept in recent years, and though it sounds very technical, it is as close as what we have been “posting” every, say, day I suppose. The writing analyzed and explained the concept quite understandably and thoroughly with close application to Vietnamese context. However, I think with this kind of practical writing we need more audio-visual support from different sources to strengthen the argument.

  3. nhatruclehoang

    Vietnamese cybercultures is not an outsider from world’s trend. We are now taking part of creating the web, contributing countless amount of work to it. And we are not only willingly, but happy to do so. When someone creates something, they would want to be praised for it. It is the need for recognition, which I believe is one of the greatest motivation of mankind. Thus, the success of Web 2.0. If we can use this wisely, it would be an effective tool for marketing, not only in Vietnam or Asia, but also the world.
    Here is an example of BYO: Bring your own cup day by Slurpee. It is a campaign which does not mainly about user generated content, but involves it on social media. And by using that, they have made their campaign popular which lead to their roaring success. I hope you would find it interesting:

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